5 Summer Sport Activities for School Kids

Summer Sport Activities for School Kids

As the summer season approaches, you might consider doing summer sports activities with your kids. In fact, a lot of schools and sporting clubs have started their new enrollment process this season. And would you want to be left out of the pack? Our assumption is ‘No’. On a side note, if you have decided on which summer sports activity you would like to do, then this article is for you. So, keep reading the article and explore the five (5) summer sports activities for your school-going kids.

1. Nippers & Swimming

Summer Sport Activities for School KidsThe first summer sports activity, which you can do with your children is nippers and swimming. Interestingly, this activity can be a great way to build confidence in the minds of your kids. You can teach them the importance of a safe beach environment. Not to mention, the enjoyment they will get from this activity is massive. Almost every school has a junior program where kids aged from 5-13 can be a part of the invaluable surf and lifesaving skills. The little kids will be able to take part in various tests including swimming contest, dolphin-driving, beach sprints, spotting a rip, and body boarding.

2. Soccer

Summer Sport Activities for School KidsThe second summer sport on our list is soccer, which is a popular game worldwide. Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Children’s Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities survey, soccer has been ranked in the second position. Additionally, soccer is a fun game where you cannot go wrong. This game appeals a lot to the children and it will improve the coordination and controlling skills immensely.

3. Tennis

Summer Sport Activities for School KidsTennis is a unique game and kids love it. Therefore, during the summer season, you can try out this racquetball sport. If you play tennis with your kids, it will improve their hand-eye coordination. Also, it will enhance their agility and make them a fast decision-maker. However, some parents think that tennis is intimidating but for primary school-aged children, tennis is played on smaller courts. Here, the racquets used are light and balls are low-compressive balls. In short, kids will have fun and enjoyment while playing tennis.

4. Basketball

Summer Sport Activities for School KidsBasketball is a widely popular game across the world. If you think your kid is agile and tall, then you should let them play basketball. By playing basketball, you could make your kids learn the importance of playing for a team. Since the game is quick-paced, it will make your kid fast and agile. Your child’s movement will improve drastically. All in all, basketball is a highly entertaining game, which will improve your kid’s technique.

5. Athletics

Summer Sport Activities for School KidsThe last summer sports activity on the list is athletics. If you see that your kid loves running, then don’t hesitate to sign up for athletics. There are many schools and sports clubs where you can enroll your kid for athletics. In this way, he or she could get professional training on athletics including running, throwing, walking, and jumping.


To finish off, we would urge you to choose one of the above summer sports activities from the above list because each game adds value to your kids. With that being said, these games are entertaining too. So, let us know if you have any suggestion by leaving a comment below.

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