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COVID19 and how can you stop it?

You all would have known about COVID19, an infectious disease that is spreading quickly between humans. It is a virus that affected not only a particular region but all over the world, and hence it is defined as a pandemic one. This virus has affected millions of people and also has killed thousands and thousands of individuals. Since it is changing its shape and structure frequently and it is tough to create medicine and vaccination.

Though, the researchers are working tirelessly to develop medication to save the lives of millions of people who has affected and who are preventing themselves from the disease. COVID19 is a contagious disease and it is transmitted from the infected people to normal ones. And it is transmitted through droplets generated by a patient when he or she coughs, sneezes, or exhales.

Therefore, it is advised to normal people not to touch the contaminated surface and then their eyes, nose or mouth. If not, the virus can be transmitted to the individual easily and spread around to others too. Therefore, the best way to avoid this disease is by staying away from the contact of infected ones. Since, you do not know who is infected and who is not, it is better to stay away from people.

Here are some of the activities that can help people to stop the spread of corona virus and also to safeguard themselves and their family members from this deadly virus.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

  • The first thing that can help you to protect yourself from this COVID19 pandemic is by staying at your home. When you go nowhere from your home, you can lessen the chance of getting as well as spreading virus to others when you are infected.
  • You cannot totally avoid going outside, as you need to buy groceries and other important things to live. But when you are out of your home, you should practice social distancing with others.
  • Another best method is to wash your hands more frequently. As you would not know where the virus is and when you touch it and then on your face, you will be infected. So, when you buy Hand Sanitizer Dispensers and wash your hands often, you can avoid the deadly disease from affecting you
  • There is other way to stop the corona virus from being transmitted by and to people and it is done by covering your cough. Since the droplets are responsible for the spread, you can control it.

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