All You Need To Know About Inkless Baby Footprint Kit Is Here

All You Need To Know About Inkless Baby Footprint Kit Is Here

A baby is the best gift that a couple can ever get. Starting from the baby’s first cry to his first laugh, every single moment today can be captured and beautifully framed. Parents and the baby in future can together relive these memories again. However, gathering memories is not just limited to a baby’s laugh and cry today. You can capture anything that you want and store it beautifully. One such thing is capturing the baby’s footprints. Tiny perfect baby footprint on a paper is the most adorable memory of all. A newborn footprint is made of harmless ink and specifically for babies only. An inkless baby footprint kit is the easiest and quickest way to capture baby footprint.

The print appears like a miracle which is a combination of a special paper and a wipe. Earlier hospitals used to stamp baby’s feet on parents for identification but the process is obsolete today. When you can get a clean stamp at home, why be a part of the hospital hassles.

What is inkless baby footprint kit?

It is an ink specially made for babies with harmless chemicals to capture baby’s first footprints. Babies grow fast hence taking footprints in the first month is recommended. The main question that often arises is whether the ink is ink or paint. Many paints and poster paint come under the category and can be toxic. But baby footprint kit is made keeping in mind that it is a product for babies and hence no harmful content. Baby Ink is the most trustable seller of such products at an affordable rate. It has been selling baby footprints for longs and has generated positive reviews always. All you need to do is wipe the baby’s hand and press it. It is that simple without any mess.

Get started with baby footprint kit?

For any mother or an expecting woman, a baby footprint can be the best gift ever. But one must know how to use it effectively. Before applying the product on the baby, test it on yourself especially if the baby has sensitive skin. Apply the paint on the baby’s arm and leave for 24 hours. If no reaction happens, then you are good to go. Finally, you can capture prints of the baby palm or foot. Cleaning your child after the activity is pretty simple. Even if there is any mess that too can be easily cleaned. This is what makes the product ideal as it makes no mess or even it makes, it is easier to clean.


Thus, if you have a newborn or you are expecting it, gift yourself an inkless baby footprint kit today. Buy online easily at a reasonable rate.

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