Scotland, England And Ireland Golf Tours: Where Luxury and Sporting Meet

Scotland, England And Ireland Golf Tours: Where Luxury and Sporting Meet

Golf Tours are holiday tours for individuals who want to explore a new place during vacations along with the thrills of golfing action. Such tours are similar to normal holiday tours, but one thing which sets them apart is the Golfing Tournaments provided along with sightseeing trips and visiting local places. Golf as a sport is believed to have originated in Scotland in the 15th century. As such, Scotland, England and Ireland golf tours are much sought after tours with Scotland and England boasting some of the oldest golf courses in the world.

All about Professional Golf Tours:

Golf Tours can be professional as well as nonprofessional. Professional Golf tours are organized by a Professional Golfing Association (PGA). A Professional Golfing Association organizes, regulates, and gets sponsors for a golfing tournament. At present, there are at least 20 professional golf tours run by various PGA’s.

Professional Golf Tours are held separately for men and women.  Almost 95 percent of players make their living either as a golf club professional or as an instructor at one such club. Only 5 percent of players can eke out a living out of tournament prizes and endorsements. Such players are popularly called ‘Touring Professionals,’ ‘Tournament Golfers,’ or ‘Pro-Golfers.’

Scotland, England and Ireland Golf Tours

Nitty Gritty of Non-Professional Golf Tours:

Nonprofessional Scotland, England and Ireland golf tours are generally for leisure, which may or may not include prize money. Nonprofessional golf tours are organized by companies professionally set up for this purpose. These companies manage travel, accommodation, sightseeing, and visits to local places besides organizing golf tours for customers. Such companies also provide catering, transport, and 24*7 telephonic help services. There are three types of tour packages offered for such tours-

Gold Package– ideal for people who want to experience world-class luxury and comfort.

Silver Package- designed for people who want to maintain a balance between luxury and economy.

Bronze Package- affordable packages but may not be as exciting as gold and silver ones.

Such companies have ‘Pro-Golfers’ staffing their managerial positions. These ‘Pro-Golfers’ have a good experience in managing a large number of professional as well as nonprofessional tours. These golf tours can be organized for individuals, families, and corporate.  Pro-golfers oversee such golfing sessions.

England and Scotland: The Ideal Destination for Golf Tours:

Golf owes its origins to Scotland due to which some of the oldest golf courses are located there, attracting golf enthusiasts from around the world to make a pilgrimage. England and Ireland also have some exotic golf courses on coasts near beaches. All this makes Scotland, England, and Ireland Golf Tours the most popular ones in the world. Scotland boasts the highest number of golf courses per capita in the world, thus earning the title “The Home of Golf.”

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